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  • 12 Oct 2021
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Why Software projects fail Part 2 - Agile Project Management

Edward Deane – Managing Director at 2excel Software and App Development

Agile project management helps companies strike a balance between minimising waste, cutting costs, and preserving the product's quality. Rather than the overwhelming upfront requirements across multiple teams, Agile teams can plan in short sprints with self-organising teams rather than the overwhelming upfront requirements across multiple teams, allowing them to respond to new requirements or changes more efficiently.

Breaking work into smaller chunks and working iteratively to improve products and services allows Agile teams to enhance their processes, isolate problems, and achieve specific objectives quickly.

The Agile team can then respond to issues as they arise throughout the project and make a necessary change at the right time, thus, saving resources and deliver a successful project on time and within budget.

Learn how you can use Agile in your project management when your clients are unclear on what they want, or the project is too complex to get a complete understanding of the outcome.

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Nuclias Cloud - the Comprehensive Network Management Solution for MSP's

Ilya Karachevtsev – Commercial Product Manager D-Link ANZ


Nuclias Cloud has been built from the ground up to provide MSP’s a single pane of glass to provision, manage, optimise and troubleshoot their customers networks.

With Wi-Fi, Switching and soon Routing, Nuclias Cloud provides a wide array of solutions to enable your customers network’s needs, whilst providing a reliable and consistent revenue stream to you via the Nuclias Cloud IAAS platform.

Join D-Link’s Ilya Karachevtsev and our local Channel Account Managers to witness a live demonstration of the power of Nuclias Cloud, including a sneak-peek at the soon to be released SD-WAN Router, and allow us to answer any questions you may have around this SMB-focused solution to help you seamlessly manage your customers networks.

Door prize for members:  Every member has the option to receive a free Nuclias Cloud DBA-1210P Wi-Fi 5 Access Point and a one year free subscription for it on the Nuclias Cloud platform.

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