Adelaide Cloud Elevate Bootcamp: Full day learning sessions on Azure and Office 365

  • 27 Feb 2017
  • 08:30 - 17:00 (ACDT)
  • Life Christian Centre, 245 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000
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Adelaide Chapter Bootcamp



27 February 2017

Full day:

8:30am - 5:00pm


(includes catering)



Life Christian Centre

245 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000

(Entrance via Cardwell St)

Closest day parking is Wilson Car Park, 122 Wakefield St, Adelaide

Early bird parking $15 is available for entry between 7-9:30am. Exit any time.



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Adelaide Azure and Office 365 Deep Dive

Robert Crane, Director, CIAOPS


Come and experience the power of Azure and Office 365 in an intermediate/advanced level deep dive into Azure and Office 365. This will be a tech focused event with Level 200 to 300 content.

Session 1 (9 - 10.30)
Feature deep dive into Azure and O365


Think you know Office 365 and Azure? Bet you don't even know the half of it. This session will show exactly how much you don't realise is in both products. You'll learn the full breadth and depth of what Microsoft has been building in that you can take advantage of. You'll see the latest and greatest in action and walk away with details of to convert these into dollars for your business.

Session 2 (11 - 12.30)
Growing beyond a cloud file server


The modern world is fast moving beyond just dumb file and folder storage. It is moving to a new world of collaboration where teams expect a complete range of tools deployed in minutes not hours or days. In this session you'll learn how important SharePoint is to this new collaboration ideal and how to work effectively with the product. You'll move from the basics to the advanced features but also see things like Yammer, Teams, Groups and more in action. If you don't SharePoint you are dead in the water. This session will show you how to power your business and customers with the full range of collaboration tools Microsoft provides.

Session 3 (13.30 - 15.00)
Migrating on prem to IaaS


Today it's hybrid, tomorrow it's IaaS and in the future it's PaaS. This session will show you how to build IaaS solutions with Azure. You'll learn how to migrate on premises to IaaS in stages with the ultimate aim of only have cloud based infrastructure. However, it won't end there, you'll learn to stay ahead of the curve by moving from IaaS to PaaS. Bring the power of Azure to bear on old and outdated on prem hardware and make it all go away quickly, cleanly and easily.

Session 4 (15.30 - 17.00)
Developing and travelling a cloud roadmap for the future


Success is about having a roadmap for your business when it comes to continuing to deliver the latest cloud services. We live in a world where there are simply not enough cloud skills and demand has never been higher. However, you aren't going to magically pick up these skills with the business model you have today. If you want to stay relevant in the IT space today and be around tomorrow then attend this session to learn the steps you need to take to not only survive but profit handsomely from the cloud.

For more information, please contact:
Boon Tee
0416 088 191


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